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Power In Poetry.

Poetry, Christianity, and activism may seem like an unlikely trio, but Kwynn Riley blends them seamlessly. Riley is a storyteller with big dreams. Composed of strength, spirituality, talent, and the will to change the world, she uses her words to make people listen to the issues that are important to her. 

Riley's way of expressing her truth allows the audience to feel every single word. The emotion that pours out of her touches everyone in the room, it sometimes brings them to tears, and they are bound to leave with a new perspective and with a more open heart. In all of her writing, Riley draws from her own experiences, finding the bravery to share intimate and personal details. "I understand that in my line of work, as an artist, there is a need for somebody to do it," she says. "A lot of times when I'm sharing my poem, I'm not sharing it just for that one person who is afraid to embrace themselves, but also for my former self... I'm celebrating other folks, but I'm also celebrating the entirety of me and being the woman that I needed when I was younger."

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